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Saturday 31/8/19 at THE CAUSE + GROW TOTTENHAM




AIJU is an emerging producer whose listening has been shaped between
London and Moscow, who works with the impossibility of the club and
femme4femme feelings.




angelicaa spells it out. ykwim? Confrontational bangers for an anxious
generation. “Mixing the golden years of rock n roll with today
society” Open it up! angelicaa is a dyke with her chin out - think pink...



Swedish producer works with sounds extracted from various corners of
the electronic experimental field. Using distorted phone recordings,
manipulated synths and unexpected rhythms to create a challenging,
melancholic and ever changing sound, that leaves you hanging.


ans M

Ans M is a London based DJ and producer, weaving between ambient,
techno and experimental club. Her mixes and songs venture through
tempo leaps, ambient soundscapes, and distorted beats, revolving
around heavily percussive focus. She has featured as a guest on NTS
shows alongside SIREN and Kelman Duran and has a new monthly residency
on Internet Public Radio.



Charles Verni




James Ferraro

James Ferraro is one half of The Skaters, one half of Lamborghini
Crystal and the contemporary underground’s favourite alchemist.
Underground musician/composer/virtual atmospherist producing small
runs of releases on, but not limited to: cassette, CD-R, and VHS with
a wide variety of styles all representing different dreams of a
demonic mind tower spanning from freak flesh bodybuilder atmospheres
to ambient modern world/psych. It appears Ferraro draws influence from
many different places but best summed up by the quote, “I am






Lady Dangfua 

Artist living and working in london.

I create work that seeks to archive black trans experience. i use
technology to imagine our lives in environments that centre our
bodies...those living, those that have passed and those that have been



Lizala Vi

Meet MP3 affiliate, artist, producer, and DJ, Lizala Vi.



NTS resident and member of dj collective OKK.





18 years old trap musician, force of nature, fond of the French music
scene. Scuti is part of 237 collective and has performed along Virgil
Hawkins and Donalee. New to music and already making big waves, look
out for the upcoming tape produced by t_n490.



Shumsick (Ar)




So I breathe through you
Forgetting about me
We share lungs
you see, restrained hearts come undone
Weeping under the sun
The willows shimmer in the wind
This is the beginning


Vic Bang (Ar)

Vic Bang is Victoria Barca’s solo project. Self-taught and
independent, with a preference for miniature sounds, she makes music
produced with samples, guitar loops, micro-melodies and different
eclectic rhythms. Since 2006, she has been involved in different
experimental musical projects.



During the late naughties Crystabel Riley toured Japan and Europe
using drums, electronics and make-up in noise trio Maria and the
Mirrors. This was the start of her interest in patterns on skins –
human and drum. She is currently working on the multi-format duo
project @xcrswx with Seymour Wright.

“Playing drums alone or with others working with cyclic patterns,
metallics, sensitivity, battling and balancing care and uncare. This
generous list also relates to the make-up I am interested in. I am
increasingly focused on this idea of care and uncare. How to find the
best of both (care:  about the materials one works with, uncare:
freedom, open minded attitudes to beauty, stumbling across ways to
construct and deconstructions it). The worst of both is everywhere, in
the form of caring advise with regards to how to eradicate this this
and this, comparisons, normalising the norm face, enhanced skin
enhance insecurity enhanced solutions, all pack in with a care-free
set of anti-microbials.”


Yoto (Ar)

From Cordoba based in Buenos AIres, make shift avant-pop aesthetic to
its extreme with the fractured rhythms & chopped up melodies.


Sabado 7/12/19 en La Tangente



Beatriz Ferreyra (ar/fr)



Alan Courtis y Alma Laprida


Dj Africana


El Murki (abyss)




XCRSWX (online)


Lechuga Zafiro


Espantosa Desgracia 

+por anunciar.


......................................................................................................................Festival Hyperlocal desde 2013 en London and Buenos Aires